Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes! I ship worldwide. At checkout, an international shipping option is available.
Q: Why is my order taking so long?
A: Due to COVID-19, please keep in mind that there may delays in delivery time and speed. Your order is getting to you as fast as it can!
Q: There is a piece of artwork of yours that I love that is not listed for sale on your website. Can I still get a print of it?
A: Yes! If you contact me personally, I can fulfill your order!
Q: Is there any way I can get a print in another size?
A: Yes! If you contact me personally, I can customize your order.
Q: Do you do commissions?
A: Yes! I am always open to collaborating with you. Contact me personally with your desired project [vision, budget, deadline].
Q: Can I use your artwork for free? I will provide credit somewhere in the description.
A: Unfortunately not. If you wish to use one of my pre-existing pieces for your project, please contact me personally and we can work something out.