"The Return to Why"

A woman returns home to make amends and find peace a year after the unexpected death of her younger sister.

The film stars Cascina Caradonna, Stella Marcus, Yessenia Rivas, Kimi Handa Brown, and Phil Rafferty.

Written, Photographed, Edited & Directed by William Phelps. Sound & Lighting by James Kerkapoly. Produced by Leondias Ocampo.

Currently in production.


"Isn't It All Wonderfull Now?"

Since the summer of 2017, I have been creating my debut rock'n'roll album Isn't It All Wonderfull Now?

Armed with a team of wildly talented musicians [Benson Goins on drums, Billy Lewis on bass, Rich Patterson on guitar, and Ben Cline on saxophone], and sonic wizards engineering the walls of sound [Jake Carlson, Eva Lawitts], we have created a ten-track record about love, hope, pain, loss, unrequited desires, and carrying on in spite of any and all hardships.

Anticipated release fall 2024.

Scottie Miller's "Carnival Cocoon"

I had the honor of illustrating the cover and five chapter inserts for Scottie Miller's "Carnival Cocoon" - a masterful collection of his poetry and music in both book and audio format.